What I’ve Learned

5 Dec

This semester, I was taught how to keep up with blogging and follow other blogs and social media sites online. Since monitoring my client’s activity online is required each week, I have held myself accountable for checking twitter, facebook, and other sites that TOMS updates. By studying TOMS’ activity, I have learned how company’s advertise their products, offer freebies and promotions, and ways to improve on customer service. TOMS does a great job of involving their fans in special service projects and shows that giving back is a rewarding opportunity. I have learned that when a customer files a complaint, it’s best to approach the issue using the rules provided by Shankman. I learned the 5 different types, ranging from the one-time complainer to the prima donna, and which types pose a threat to a company. I also obtained information on Shankman’s 10 Rules to Live By and how to use them to interact with customers.

If I could add anything to the course, I’d say have more classtime. I feel like I could have benefited with having a powerpoint or lecture on the material more often. This way, I could be been more informed on the material and not have to rely on the book to teach it to me. Also, I would have liked to have reminders of when assignments are due. When the class doesnt meet on a regular basis, I tend to forget when things are due. I know the assignments were on the syllabus and on GaView, but I feel that if I was reminded of them in class I wouldn’t have missed turning them in. I know it’s my respinsibility to keep up with the syllabus, but if we had class more often, I’d remember to look at it. Just an observation.


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